So far this year...

Seniors have attended a Virtual College Fair, applied to a Montana college and they are awaiting their ACT test results from the October test.

The NEXT task is filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)!!

                  Do you need help?                          Well, we are hosting a FAFSA event!!

November 11, 6 p.m. in the counselor's classroom. Mike Lincoln from Reach Higher Montana will be here to assist you.

Parents and students should be sure to bring their FSA ID (fsaid.ed.gov), correct Social Security numbers, 2018 federal tax returns, W2s, tribal income, other aid information (TANF, child support, other benefits), and additional asset information (money market funds, other investments). Everyone needs a FSA ID. Parent and student. It takes about 15 minutes to apply for the FSA ID online, but takes 24 hours for validation. FAFSA filing night goes smoothly if you have the FSA ID before our filing night.    The FAFSA is the key to federal, state, and institutional aid. Everyone should apply, so don't wait.

FYI: There are some FAFSA nights via Zoom.      Friday, Nov. 6                             Monday, Nov. 9    Tuesday, Nov. 17                       Tuesday, Nov. 24


Are You Even Ready for College??
(Maybe you should wait a year...?)

Ask yourself…
*Is higher education important to me and my family?
*What resources do I have?
*What barriers do I see?
*How are my organizational skills?
*How are my communication skills?
*Do I know how to ask for help?
*How do I deal with disappointment, fear and lack of motivation?
*How do I deal with stress?
*Do I self-sabotage?
*Am I accountable?
*Do I know enough about money?

ACT Scores and the Future

For more information about the ACT and to register online click here!

Juniors can take a FREE ACT test here on
March 23

Students receive higher scores if they take the time to take some free ACT prep tests. You can find FREE Test Prep at act.org/academyMarch2success.com, or 4tests.comKaplan Online Prep Live also has a variety of tests on their site; some cost money, but there is a free test section.

If you cannot afford the test fee, ask your counselor about a fee waiver. Seniors who are not pleased with their ACT scores might want to consider retaking the ACT test. Average composite score is 21 on a scale from 1 to 36. Universities use the ACT as a placement test for writing and math classes. I do have copies of every student's ACT test results.

Let these websites help make the college journey simpler!
1. reachhighermontana.org
2. mus.edu