All colleges offer numerous scholarships, but I suggest you look at the individual college website. Some Montana colleges award their scholarships based on the student's application to attend, but others require the student apply for each scholarship.

Please note that deadlines change year-to-year. The deadlines listed below should give students enough time to meet any deadline changes, but carefully check scholarship websites for any possible changes.

Most scholarship applications are digital and must be filled out on-line. Scholarships that have paper applications are in clearly labeled file folders on a table in the counselor’s classroom. Please help yourself, but always leave an original in the folder. I do not put them out until January.

Take a look at these NEW scholarship sites...

QuestBridge National College Match to Partner Schools
Full four-year scholarships cover tuition, room and board for high-achieving, low-income students.
Apply online at www.QuestBridge.orgDue September 15

Indigenous Scholars of Promise College Prep Program
Apply at
Due September 15

Gates Scholarship
Apply at
Due September 18

Wendy’s High School Heisman
Two winners from each school. Must have a B average and participate in at least one school-sponsored sport.
Apply online at
$10 Wendy’s gift card for the first 25,000 completed applications.
Due October 1

SKC Issksinip Project
Must attend SKC in a health related field. Need based.
See counselor.
Due October 1

Horatio Alger Association ($10,000)
Must pursue a degree at a Montana school, have a minimum GPA of 2.0, show financial need and involvement in community service.
Due October 15.
Apply online at

Due October 15.

Nestle Very Best in Youth Award
Due November 1

AXA Achievement Scholarship ($10,000)
Apply Early @
Due December 1

Elks National Foundation Scholarships
Clark Fork Valley Elks Lodge # 2757
Due December 1

Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger ($5,000)
Due December 1

Reach Higher Montana ($1,000)
Due December 1

Montana Jaycee Foundation ($1,000)
Due January 1

Burger King
Due January 1

LGBTO Scholarships
Due January 1

Plum Creek Community Scholarship
Due January 15

Montana 4-H (AMTOPP)

Mark K. Ulmer
Must have played in the Native American All-West B-ball game in Denver
Due February 1

Montana Farmers Union (Numerous scholarships listed onsite)
Various Dates: February 1-April

Alert Magazine ($500)
GPA 2.5, any school, any field. 500 to 800 word essay about drugs or alcohol.

AXA Achievement Community Scholarship ($2,000)
Apply by February 1 at

Teroro Youth Leadership
Must show financial need
Due February 15

Best Buy--$1,000—Students in grades 9-12
Due February 15 at

Buick Achievers Scholarship—up to $100,000
Due February 15 at

NACo/Nationwide Scholarship
Due March 1

American Indian Education Foundation--$2,000 a year
Student or one parent must be enrolled
Before March 1 increases your chances, but final dead line is April 4 at

VFW Post #5159 ($500)
GPA 3.0 and some immediate family must have been in military (DD214 required)
Due March 1. See counselor for application.

Sanders County 4-H
Must be a 4-H Member
Due March 1 to county extension office. See 4-H leader or go to

Montana University Honor Scholarship
GPA 3.4, meet Rigorous Core Requirements and attend a MT college or COT
Due March 15 at

Governor’s Best & Brightest (3 scholarships, one website)
Must attend Montana colleges, COTs or Tribal colleges
Due by March 15 at

Montana Clerk & Recorder ($1,000)
Must attend a Montana school
Due March 15. See counselor.

Odd Fellow & Rebekah Lodges of Montana ($500)
3.0 GPA or less. Must attend Montana school
Due March 15. See counselor for application.

Mission Valley Power Student Scholarship
3.0 GPA
Due March 1 at

Montana Sheriff’s and Peace Officer ($750)
GPA 2.5 and entering some sort of law enforcement field
Due March 15. See counselor for application information.

Jobs for Montana Graduates
Must be in JMG. See counselor
Due March 15

Calling all plumbers, electricians, welders and other skilled workers who make civilized life possible. scholarship
Due March 28

Oppu Achievers Scholarship
Due March 31.

Swede Schlesinger Scholarship/Cattleman’s Association
GPA 2.0 and parent or student must be member of Cattleman’s Association
Due March 31 at

George & Faye Harris
Any school, any field.
Due March 25.

Montana PTA Scholarship ($500)
For graduating senior, $500 for college student
Must attend a Montana school, must be in education field.
Due April 1.

Nordmeier/Tafoya Scholarship ($1,000)
Must have a permanent disability and attend a Montana college or COT
Due April 1. See counselor for application.

O Wines Opportunity for Success ($20,000)
3.20 GPA, female, financial eligibility.
Due April 1 at

Horatio Alger Scholarship ($10,000)
If you did NOT apply in the fall, make sure you apply NOW
Due April 15 at

Old Swimming Pool Scholarship-Hot Springs Schools Foundation
Due April 15. See counselor for application.

St. Luke Community Healthcare/Rosemary Miller Memorial Scholarship ($500)
3.0 GPA
Due April 15. See school counselor for application.

Flathead-Kootenai Chapter of the Montana Wilderness Association ($250-$500)
Due April 13 at

Youth Serve Scholarship ($1,000)
Must have 100 hours of volunteer service in 12 months.
Must attend Montana campus and show need.
Due April 15 at

Hot Springs Education Association Award
See counselor for application.
Due April 30.

Elsie Dondanville Scholarship See counselor

Sweeney Family Scholarship See counselor

Clark Fork Valley Running Club
Must have run track or cross country.
Due May 13. See counselor.

Universal Athletic Scholarship ($500)
3.0 GPA. Must attend a Montana school.
Due June 3 at

Flathead Valley Community College
See counselor
Awarded to top graduate in class who attends FVCC
Fee waiver for two semesters/up to two years to use waiver

SKC Fee Waiver
See counselor
Awarded to tribal member or first descendent
Fee waiver for two semesters/renewable

The following scholarships do not have an application process. Eligible students are recommended by staff and chosen by committee.

Dr. Glen Mathias Scholarship
Participated in various school sports and other extracurricular activities.

Olin Ashcraft Award
Student entering health and science related field.

Hot Springs Academic Excellence This award goes to the Valedictorian and the Salutatorian.


Wendy’s High School Heisman
B average, 1 sport
Due October 2 at

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
3.5 GPA, composite ACT 26 and attend a four year college
Opens August, closes November at