Byron Woods

Office: 406-741-2962 ext 153

Email: bwoods@hotspringspride.com

A Message from our Principal

Greetings, parents, families and community members, as the end of the first quarter wraps up (end of first quarter is Thursday, October 27th), Hot Springs School District is looking forward to celebrating our student’s accomplishments for academics, attendance and sport. r I would like to draw special attention to and recognize both the 4th and 6th grade classes for their outstanding attendance. Both classes have achieved an attendance rate greater than 95%! Many of the other classes were close and many individual students throughout the grades met or surpassed this goal. Currently the district has an attendance rate of 92%. Thank you to all the parents, families, friends, staff and community who are encouraging and ensuring that students develop this invaluable life skill. Thomas Edison is quoted as saying “good fortune often happens when opportunity meets preparedness”. One of our goals at Hot Springs School District is that every student has an attendance rate greater than 95%, as this ensures the best chance of being prepared for college and career opportunities.

Attendance Goals